A Ribbiting Rescue! 🐸

 We received a call from Scott Campbell of Cardinal Construction, last Thursday. He was on a job in Brewster where he was requested to fill in a large, in-ground swimming pool. However, the pool, which had been left untouched for 10 years, had literally turned into a pond, and was FILLED with frogs! He could not fill it in knowing there were animals in it. So he called us. The next morning, Wild Care Rehab Assistant Jayne Dembowski Fowler, and I arrived, and what ensued next, was an incredible effort which I refer to as: Operation Frogger.

For over 5 hours, Scott and his business partner Paul, Jayne, and I scooped up every single frog and tadpole we could find. This involved using nets, draining the pool, wading through the pool, sifting through the muddy bottom of the pool using a bulldozer bucket, and breaching a pool wall – to get to the very last frog. The operation took hours, with Scott in the pool collecting the very last frog he could find. It was an incredible morning.

Overall, we retrieved 96 frogs (mostly Green Frogs, and a few Bullfrogs), hundreds of tadpoles, and one Snapping Turtle from the swimming pool.

Scott and Paul are incredible human beings. We are so grateful for their kindness and their respect for wildlife, and for their skill and use of heavy equipment to retrieve the frogs. We were fortunate that there was a pond directly across the street from this backyard, where we were able to release all the frogs, tadpoles and turtle.

Photos of the pool show our operation, from start to finish. Thank you Scott and Paul!

Enjoy the video

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