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Wild Care is just $5,000 away from purchasing our very own digital Radiograph Machine (think x-rays)! 

Murrey the Murre Goes to Omaha!

A very special bird rehabilitated at Wild Care, Inc. on Cape Cod, finds a permanent home at the Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium…

“There is A Season” – A Wild Care Novel

Local author Susanna Graham-Pye is donating $2.00 per book from the sale of her newly published novel, There is a Season, to Wild Care in Eastham. 

Off-Cape Screech Owl Rescue and Release

At Wild Care caring for sick and injured wildlife every day makes us hyper aware of animal life and potential patients even when we are not working. Walking in the woods or on a beach we will see a lumpy shape ahead and begin calculating. …Bird? Mammal? Dead? Moving?

Harvest Dine-Out Raises $2,800 for Wild Care

On Thursday, October 19th, from 4 PM- 8:30 PM, Van Rensselaer’s (VR’s) Restaurant in S. Wellfleet will host a Harvest “Dine-Out” Dinner to support Wild Care.

National Geographic – BLOWN AWAY

Like humans, many birds try to get away when they sense an approaching storm.

Challenge of the Summer – Swifts!

October 11, 2017 By Jennifer Taylor, Wild Care Animal Care Coordinator The words… Baby Chimney Swifts… are simple words, but they strike fear in the hearts of many wildlife rehabilitators.  Wild Care included.  They are a very difficult species to deal with in a captive situation.  They are prone to disease, difficult to feed, and … Continue reading Challenge of the Summer – Swifts!

Rare Seabird Bought to Wild Care Succumbs to Illness

Eastham, MA. October 3, 2017.  The tropical Masked Booby that has been in care at Wild Care, Inc., a wildlife rehabilitation hospital located in Eastham, passed away in the wee hours of October 2nd after nearly a week of intensive care.  The booby was one of dozens of battered seabirds that were left in the wake … Continue reading Rare Seabird Bought to Wild Care Succumbs to Illness

NBC Boston – Rare Seabird Found [Video Link]

A tropical bird never before seen in Massachusetts has been rescued from a Cape Cod beach after it was likely blown off course by Hurricane Jose.

CBS Boston – Bird Blown Off Course [Video]

Bird Blown Off Course By Hurricane Jose Never Seen Before In Mass.

Tropical bird found on Cape probably blown off course by Hurricane Jose

The bird — known as a masked booby — apparently got swept up with Hurricane Jose and ended up on the Cape, many thousands of miles away from its natural habitat. The bird is now recuperating at Wild Care, a nonprofit wildlife rehabilitation center in Eastham.

Rare Seabird Brought to Wild Care In Wake of Hurricane Jose

Eastham, MA. September 26, 2017.  Hurricane Jose has left dozens of battered seabirds in its wake on Cape Cod.  including a rare tropical seabird, a Masked Booby that was rescued by Wild Care, Inc., a wildlife rehabilitation hospital located in Eastham. “We received a call today about an injured bird at LeCount’s Hollow in Wellfleet. … Continue reading Rare Seabird Brought to Wild Care In Wake of Hurricane Jose

Rare tropical seabird found in Wellfleet

Wild Care received a call about what was originally believed to be an injured gannet at the oceanside beach but it turned out to be the first masked booby to ever touch down on Massachusetts soil, officials said.

Blessing of the animals

A blessing of the animals was held at Dennis Union Church, United Church of Christ Sunday. Retired pastors who are members of the congregation helped the interim pastor of the church with the blessing on the Village Green in front of the church.

Arnold’s Lobster and Clam Bar Donates $9,000 to Wild Care

Eastham, MA – On September 8th, Arnold’s Lobster and Clam Bar owner Nate Nickerson donated all proceeds from the day, in honor of WILD CARE Cape Cod, a wildlife rehabilitation center in Eastham. From 11:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., guests dined on ice cream, seafood, onion rings, and more at this popular Eastham restaurant. The benefit generated $9,000 … Continue reading Arnold’s Lobster and Clam Bar Donates $9,000 to Wild Care

Murrey. The Murre who went to Omaha!

It all started with Murrey the Common Murre. He was found on Nauset Beach on February 11th. Cold, emaciated and weak, with a 2 inch long laceration over his left thigh….

We Raised $1,000 at “Wild Fiesta” at GUAPO’s and support Wild Care!

GUAPO’s and Wild Care Cape Cod are teaming up for the second annual “Wild Fiesta” fundraising bash and Cornhole tournament!

Save A Life And Brake For Turtles

Each year when spring begins its migration into summer here on the peninsula, not only does Cape Cod see an influx of tourist traffic, but roadways also see an increase in turtle crossings, particularly of snapping turtles looking for suitable locations to lay their eggs.

Wild Care raises $7,630 at annual yard sale

The event was coordinated by Jan Raffaele with help of dozens of volunteers and with the support of Carolyn Carey, executive director of the Harwich Community Center, the statement says.

Osprey orphan doing well

Bourne osprey chick doing well on its adoptive parents nest in Yarmouthport

Wild Care Releases Three Survivors of Northern Gannet Die-Off

Wild Care, Inc. successfully released the only three surviving Northern Gannets of a recent die-off that struck Cape Cod and the South Shore of Massachusetts beginning this spring.

Wild Care’s 3rd Annual “Wild Baby” Shower Raises $1,380

We raised $1,380 in donations, and received DOZENS of supplies and gift cards. We are grateful, and we are already looking forward to our Baby Shower 2018!

Baby Shower Goes Wild!

Noller and her sister Maddy, 11, and their grandparents were among at least two dozen adults and kids at a “wild baby shower” thrown for the littlest and youngest creatures at Wild Care Inc. on Smith Lane.

Displaced Osprey Chick gets New Home

On June 18, Bourne natural resource officer John Thompson found the nest, and contacted Wild Care wildlife rehabilitator Amy Webster, according to a release from Wild Care — an Eastham-based wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center.

Wild Care Raises $7,630 at Yard Sale

Wild Care, Inc., a wildlife rehabilitation center in Eastham, held its 23rd Annual Wild Care Yard Sale on Saturday, June 10, 2017 from 9 AM – 1 PM at the Harwich Community Center on 100 Oak Street.

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Owl at Wild Care Cape Cod visits ‘Life With Gwenn’

Nickerson, the Eastern Screech Owl and Wild Care Animal Ambassador visits 'Life With Gwenn'



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Wild Care has a state-of-the-art seabird therapy pool, which allows seabirds and waterfowl to exercise on running water. This will help our bird friends recover more quickly so they can get back to their watery habitats!