Sauntering Swan Recovers from Lead Poisoning

The Orleans Police notified Wild Care of a Mute Swan strolling down Main Street,
in front of Snows Department Store one day in April. They had an officer following the bird. I told them I would have volunteers come out ASAP. Volunteers Peter Kosewski and Diane Midura rallied and got all the necessary equipment…

Tiny, Adorable, and Threatened

What is blue-grey, yellow, white and orange—-bigger than a hummingbird and
smaller than a chickadee? You are right! A male Northern Parula Warbler! A bird
listed as Threatened in the state of Massachusetts…

Why Wildlife Matters

Date: May 23, 2018
Time: 7 PM (Don’t miss Napi’s 5PM Early Bird Dinner)
Location: Upstairs at Napi’s 7 Freeman Street, Provincetown, MA
Cost: Donations Gratefully Accepted

Two to Tango or This Isn’t Your Territory?

Provincetown Animal Control Officer, Ruth Anne Cowing brought us an injured Red-tailed Hawk in February that was found on a road in Truro. She had head trauma probably from either being hit by a car or from impacting the asphalt when hunting on the road…

Cocktails for Ducktales

Cocktails for Ducktales By Jennifer Taylor, Animal Care Coordinator When you go walking in the forest in Truro, you hope to see some wildlife, and do not expect to discover a wandering, 6lb rooster. But you might, and somebody did! After a good chase, the rooster was nabbed by a concerned citizen who called Wild … Continue reading Cocktails for Ducktales

Release the Dragon!

Checking the phone messages at Wild Care is a pretty routine job. You get the phone log out, a pen that works, press *99, close your eyes and listen hard, expecting calls from excited people at windy beaches…

Driver Survives Trip to Wild Care

A person called us from Truro the other day reporting a seabird looking distressed on a road. After listening to his description it sounded like it was a loon – gray on top, white beneath, feet sticking out behind it, and a pointed beak…

Two Geese Are Better Than One

Two days after Christmas we received a Canada Goose who came in uncoordinated, unkempt and unable to bear weight on its right leg. A concerned woman had been watching, worrying, and feeding this bird for three weeks prior.

Razorbill Goes Back to the Sea – With Bling!

This Razorbill was brought to us by Andrea Spence, an intern at the National Marine Life Center in Buzzards Bay, who also happens to be a Wild Care Volunteer! When she was leaving NMLC on Thursday night, this little bird startled her when it came out from hiding underneath her car in the parking lot!

Wild Winter Night – Raises $25,000

“Wild Winter Night” raises Over $25,000. 10K raised specifically for upgrades to accept more animals…

Why Wildlife Matters

It’s a harsh world we live in. Everywhere where turn, there is news of gloom and destruction….

Life After a Raccoon Invasion

by Jennifer Taylor. Animal Care Coordinator One of most heartwarming stories of 2017 was the rescue and release of a female screech owl from Falmouth, nicknamed Darwin by her rescuers. In April a raccoon had ransacked the nestbox of a screech owl couple. The McCumbers (Jake McCumber and Lisa Snowberg) found one of the owls … Continue reading Life After a Raccoon Invasion

If you find an animal in
distress, please call us at:


Our helpline and our facility
are open EVERY DAY from
9:00 am – 5:00 pm.
We are located at the
Orleans rotary (on the Eastham side).

Make a Difference


Trash Bash 2018

THANK YOU to our AMAZING friends at Nauset Disposal for making Wild Care a recipient of their Trash Bash again this year! Nauset donated $2,000 to Wild Care!



10 November, 2018
2018 Alternative Gift Market
15 November, 2018
Front Street Restaurant Benefit
24 November, 2018
10% of Harwich Antiques Center Sales Donated to Wild Care


Wild Care has a state-of-the-art seabird therapy pool, which allows seabirds and waterfowl to exercise on running water. This will help our bird friends recover more quickly so they can get back to their watery habitats!