Travel to Antarctica with Wild Care and Cheesemans’ Ecology Safaris

Join Wild Care’s Executive Director Stephanie Ellis and Cheesemans’ Ecology Safaris on an exciting travel adventure to Antarctica. This memorable voyage to the Antarctic Peninsula will take place in February 2023. The priority on this special expedition is to give you the maximum field time – only possible when traveling via small expedition ships. There will be a diverse and wonderfully experienced expedition team to show you the best of Antarctica. This is a fundraising trip that includes a donation that supports the important work at Wild Care.
Since the first explorers discovered the great southern continent, stories of incredible vistas and abundant animals have captured the imagination of the adventurous. February and early March are the best times to delight in the most incredible densities of whale aggregations gorging on swarms of krill, take full advantage of warm, golden light for landscape photography, and watch penguin chicks chase parents for food and cautiously learn how to swim. Icebergs, in their many shades of blue and carved into fascinating shapes by weather and water, are prime photography subjects. Time with humpbacks, Antarctic minke whales, and orcas and visits to penguin colonies will surpass your wildest expectations. Our priority on this expedition is to give you the maximum time in nature during a unique period on the Peninsula and to share our passion and experience in the Antarctic. Come share this adventure with us!
•  Zodiac cruise Antarctic waters during the peak season for an abundance of whales.
•  Experience beautiful sunrises and sunsets bathing the landscapes in warm hues.
•  Watch gentoo, chinstrap, and Adelie penguin chicks interact with each other and their parents.
With only 100 participants, everyone can land and/or Zodiac cruise at once, rather than in separate groups.
Our 15 leaders are marine scientists, polar specialists, photographers, and naturalists that will provide lectures, workshops, and guided excursions.

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