Caring for native wildlife since 1994

Photos in slideshow by Julie O'Neil
Welcome to Wild Care

We are located at:
 10 Smith Lane
Eastham, MA 02642-2671

Our Animal Helpline number is:

Caring for Cape Cod's Native Wildlife Since 1994.

If you find an animal in distress, please call us at 508-240-2255.
Our helpline and our facility are open EVERY DAY from 9:00am-5:00pm.
We are located at the Eastham rotary.

What's New at Wild Care?


Help a baby animal this summer by joining Wild Care for our Baby Animal Shower on June 6.
Click here to see our Baby Gift Registry to purchase a gift to help baby songbirds, ducks and geese, squirrels, bunnies, and more!

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We are currently searching for candidates for membership on the Board of Directors to work on Fundraising, Publicity, Donor Cultivation, Events and more.
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Wild Care's Baby Animal Shower
June 6, 2015
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21st Annual Yard Sale
June 13, 2015

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"Natural Cape Cod"
Photo Competition
June 15-July 31, 2015

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Contest link will open June 15.

Did You Know?

Did you know that in 2014, Wild Care saw 890 animals come through our doors!  Over 40% of these were baby orphans.  We cared for many unique animal species, including Peregrine Falcon, Virginia Rail, Dovekies, Ospreys, and even a Yellow-spotted Salamander!  Wild Care thanks all of our friends who helped us provide the best care possible to all of our backyard neighbors.  Thank you for your support!

WILD CARE has been rehabilitating wild animals from all over Cape Cod since
1994. Our mission is to help sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife through Wildlife
Rehabilitation; to reduce the number of animals impacted by human activity
through Educational Outreach; and to help protect the species and the ecosystems
they represent through Advocacy and Conservation.

WILD CARE alleviates pressures experienced by wildlife by aiding in habitat
restoration and enrichment, documenting rare species for habitat protection,
and serving as a voice of responsible stewardship whenever possible.

We accept wildlife regardless of a rescuer’s ability to make a donation;
Wild Care never compromises quality of care or the dignity of an
animal’s life for fundraising, research or educational purposes.