10 Day Old Owlet Placed Back Into Nest After 40ft Fall

On Thursday, May 10th, Wild Care, Inc. responded to a call about a baby owl down on the ground in Harwich. The bird was found by, Shane Gleason of Brewster Burner who was working at the home where the bird was found. Shane encouraged homeowner Carol Threatt to give Wild Care a call. Wild Care dispatched Rescue Volunteer Elena Calabrese, who responded to the scene and transported the bird to Wild Care. The owlet, approximately 10 days old and covered in bright-white, fluffy down, was slightly dehydrated, but otherwise was in good condition. Wild Care Wildlife Rehabilitator, Leah Myrbeck, placed the owlet into an incubator and provided hydration fluids. The bird then received overnight care at the home of Wild Care’s Executive Director, Stephanie Ellis. Late that evening, Stephanie and Elena visited the site where the bird was found, to confirm the nest location and the presence of adult Great Horned Owls, and to determine the feasibility of placing the owlet back into its nest.

Wild Care’s Animal Care Coordinator, Jennifer Taylor, immediately contacted her son Jacob Seletsky, an Arborist for Bartlett Tree Experts of Orleans. Jacob was available to assist the following day, but he contacted Dave Chalker, Arborist Representative at Bartlett, to see if there was an available truck in the Harwich area that could help get the owlet into the nest immediately. Luckily there was! Bartlett sent Arborists Drew Baldasaro and Jerry Wingate to the rescue. Drew and Jerry arrived on the scene with a truck, greeted by Jennifer Taylor with the owlet. Drew, using his cherry picker truck, was able to lift the baby 40 feet and carefully place the owlet back into its’ nest, where a sibling was waiting.

The owlet was placed back into its nest after falling 40ft. Thank you again Bartlett Tree Experts Osterville, MA, Arborist Rep Dave Chalker, Arborists Drew Baldasaro, Jerry Wingate and Jacob Seletsky.

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