A Sneak Squeak into the Life of a Mouse Rehabilitator

Many of you may know that I specialize in the care of orphaned White-footed Mice, a native species in Massachusetts.
“Why on earth would you rehab mice,” you might ask?

Ode to Bill the Mouse

Time passes, people pass and animals pass. Sad times at Wild Care – Bill is gone. Bill was a very special mouse who was brought to us about three years ago…

Snowy Owl – Rescue, Rehab, Release!

This magnificent Snowy Owl was rescued in January 2022 in Provincetown, MA by George DeLeon and Roxanne Layton. The bird was being attacked by crows…

Hooray for Volunteers!

A lot has happened in the last few weeks with our volunteers.  We’ve had crazy unexpected changes in the clinic schedule, trained a pile of new folks into clinic and rescue/transport, and I’ve begun to get serious on the Baby Bird schedule…

Get all the Facts about Bird Flu on Cape Cod

Bird Flu has been found on Cape Cod and while it does not pose an immediate health threat to people it does spread easily among wild birds, poultry, and domestic birds…

Sea Ducks on Cape Cod – A Lethal Journey?

Every fall marks the annual arrival of tens of thousands of sea ducks that winter off the shores of Cape Cod. Many of these birds have migrated thousands of miles from their Arctic breeding grounds…

Wild Care’s Executive Director Selected as a Boston Globe “Everyday Hero” 2021.

We are honored to share that our Executive Director, Stephanie Ellis was selected as one of Boston Globe’s “Everyday Heroes 2021”.

Thoughts from a New Volunteer Coordinator

It’s my hope as your Volunteer Coordinator to be very available for open and frequent communications with volunteers. We also hope to step up our training and are planning a field rescuer training in February for new folks, and anyone already doing it who would like to come…

Hummingbird Removal Made Easy

Wild Care received a panicked call from a chef at a Wellfleet Restaurant.

A hummingbird was inside their outer porch eating area. They were opening for dinner in 5 minutes. The bird was unable to find its way out and the restaurant crew was too busy at the moment to continue trying to help it…

A Double Header

For a couple of months, rescues have been very quiet so I’ve added some informational pieces to Duck Tales. This month, however, as is often the case in the summer, things livened up at Wild Care. Not only are the bird and squirrel babies in full swing…

Flight of a Flicker

Our Office Admin Kerry, rushed to Wild Care last week with a bird that had just struck a window at her house. It was a female Northern Flicker. She knew there were babies up in a hollow part of a tree in her yard…

Migratory Bird Treaty Act: What is it, and Why is it Important?

It’s been another quiet month for this volunteer, at least in terms of crazy stories. I did pilot a new talk based on my previously written about stories, fed baby birds, and did quite a bit of communications, but none of these activities make a fun story…

Eastern Box Turtles

Some months as a volunteer are more exciting than others. Alas this month I couldn’t take the only two calls I got for field rescues, and while I’ve done quite a lot of other things for Wild Care, none are really story-worthy.  So I thought I’d shift a bit this month and write about Eastern Box Turtles, a subject I do talks on from time to time…

Wild Baby Shower 2021

You’re Invited To Our Virtual Wild Baby Shower!

Babies are already arriving at our Wild Care Clinic and we need your help!

Organic Resources From Laura Kelley

Here are some great resources from Laura Kelley to keep it organic – for you and for our wild neighbors! and…

An Uncooperative Loon

It’s March 28, and I’m arriving home from a bunch of errands, when I spot the answering machine light blinking. It’s Wild Care, asking if I can get a loon in a driveway in North Truro…

Rehabbers Know a TON of Stuff!!

As most of you know, I’m a volunteer at Wild Care, as a speaker for educational programs, manager of Facebook’s Messenger communications, feeder of orphaned birds and squirrels, and trained field rescuer of injured and orphaned wildlife when called upon. What most of you don’t know is that I’m also often a pain in the neck to the staff.  

Christmas Time Owl

The day before the day before Christmas Eve, Wild Care received a call from a woman who had found a Screech Owl on the road by her house. Her name was
MaryLynn and she was very grateful to have a place to bring the owl.

Tree Of Memories Keep Giving To People And Wildlife

Wild Care received trees used in a holiday fundraiser by the Visiting Nurse Association!

Difficult Dovekies – Fast and Furious

By Jennifer Taylor Animal Care Coordinator • Internship Coordinator Five Dovekies in a pool photo by Jennifer Taylor Every year from the beginning of November through January Wild Care is at the ready for Dovekies.  We know they will come after Northeast winds and they will come in large numbers!  The Nor’easters blow these little birds Continue Reading

Why do I do This?

Adventures of a Volunteer • By Amy Sanders In this holiday season, a time where counting one’s blessings seems particularly important, I was asked to reflect a bit on why I do this volunteering stuff for animals—as in, what does it mean to me, or perhaps a “What’s in it for me” if you will.  Continue Reading

Finally Fully Feathered!

Animal Care Coordinator Jennifer Taylor Featured Photo • Kerry Reid In mid August we received a call from Provincetown about a duck in need of care. It was found stranded on the beach off of Commercial Street by a very concerned family. They had already correctly identified it as a Surf Scoter when they called Continue Reading

One Goofy Squirrel

Adventures of a Volunteer • By Amy Sanders
One hot August day I shifted from feeding baby birds (who had grown big enough to be in the aviaries, and no longer hand fed), to feeding baby squirrels (2020 batch 2)…

A “Loony” Adventure

August of 2020 was HOT—the hottest in 120 years of record keeping according to WBUR. I spent much of it in my studio. As you might remember from last month, I’ve been nursing a sore ankle bone (no clue as to why as is often the case as we age). Suffice it to say I’m not in the best shape I’ve ever been in when I get a call from Wild Care. There is a report of a badly injured gull on Ballston Beach (Ballston again too!). Could I possibly go? 

Take Me Too!

Adventures of a Volunteer, By Amy Sanders July 30, 2020, I was sitting in my studio painting. Caring for my extremely old dog has occupied much of my time of late, and I had bowed out of field rescue for a bit when she became fearful of me leaving her side. Fearful in the extreme Continue Reading

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A Sneak Squeak into the Life of a Mouse Rehabilitator

Many of you may know that I specialize in the care of orphaned White-footed Mice, a native species in Massachusetts. “Why on earth would you rehab mice,” you might ask?



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