Wild Care will be the recipient of Eastham Public Library’s “Art Scramble for Wild Care” Saturday, November 30th. A reception will take place at Chapel In the Pines from 4 – 5:30 PM. The sale at the library will begin promptly at 5:30 PM. Approximately 250 local artists will paint 5 x 7 “Cape Cod Nature and Wildlife” themed images to be exhibited at the Library through the month of November. Each image will be an original – oil, watercolor, acrylic, encaustic or collage – whatever medium the artists choose. All paintings will be priced at $75. Also, one-of-a-kind Birdhouses, decorative or functional, will be available for sale. Each birdhouse will be priced separately.

Information for ARTISTS:

Eastham Public Library Art Committee invites you to participate in a fundraising event to benefit the work done by Wild Care located in Eastham. We will hope to display approximately 250+ 5 x 7 Cape Cod nature and wildlife themed images in the large Turner Gallery at the Library for the month of November culminating in an ART SCRAMBLE on November 30, 2019. Each image will be an original -oil, watercolor, acrylic, encaustic or collage – whatever medium the artists choose.

Also, you can create a one-of-a-kind Birdhouse. Build your own or from a kit. They can be decorative or functional. Let your imagination run WILD!

All paintings will be priced at $75 with 100% of the proceeds going to Wild Care.

How to participate
You may pick up your 5 x 7 canvas or multimedia panels at the Eastham Public Library after August 27th. Sign in at the Library or use your own surfaces. REMEMBER ONLY SIGN YOUR NAME ON THE BACK!
Contact [email protected] for more info.

Create your original images or Birdhouses and return them to the E.P. Library by October 25th, 2019 please.

Your name will be included on an alphabetical list of contributing artists which will be on prominent display to the public.

THANK YOU to Blick Art Materials for their generous donations!


If you find an animal in
distress, please call us at:


Our helpline and our facility
are open EVERY DAY from
9:00 am – 5:00 pm.
We are located at the
Orleans rotary (on the Eastham side).

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Please donate today to our SUMMER APPEAL

Please donate today to our SUMMER APPEAL. Your donations are what allows us to do the work we do. Our Clinic has been bustling all summer with baby animals, and the many success stories are only made possible by your support!



28 June, 2023
Orleans Firebirds Baseball Wild Care Night!
14 June, 2023
Eat Locally Sourced and Superbly Prepared Meals, and Help Save Wildlife
18 June, 2023
Rain Date! Wild Care Will Now Host the Baby Shower for Wildlife on Sunday, June 18th in Eastham


Wild Care has a state-of-the-art seabird therapy pool, which allows seabirds and waterfowl to exercise on running water. This will help our bird friends recover more quickly so they can get back to their watery habitats!