Wildlife Winter/Spring Talk Series 


Join Wild Care for some interesting and informative talks all about wildlife. Meet a few of our animal ambassadors, learn some “coyote smart” tips for coexisting with coyotes, find out how to attract birds to your backyard, learn about the importance of wildlife rehab, follow the story of Osprey chicks from eggs to wild fostering, and take a photo journey to the magical Galapagos Islands!

Some of the talks require pre-registration. Space is limited. Get all the details on individual talks below.


Tuesday, February 28th

10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Snow Library, Orleans (Zoom Available)

Helping our Wild Neighbors & Meeting Animal Ambassadors

(Live Eastern Screech Owl and Eastern Box Turtle)

Learn fascinating facts and behaviors of native wildlife. Hear intimate stories from Amy Sanders, Volunteer Coordinator, and Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator of the plights and predicaments of animals brought to Wild Care. Meet Wild Care’s Animal Ambassadors, a lovely Eastern Screech Owl, and Garv, an Eastern Box Turtle. Learn about their species, how you can co-exist with your “wild neighbors” and what-to-do if you find an animal in distress. Leave with a better understanding of how YOU can make a difference helping wildlife.

Registration required. $10 admission. Seating is limited.

Lifetime Learning Program

Questions? Contact: Ellen Burleigh, [email protected]


Tuesday, March 5th

6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Eastham Public Library

Coexisting with Coyotes

Living on Cape Cod and the surrounding areas, chances are good you’ve seen an Eastern Coyote. Join Wild Care’s Executive Director Stephanie Ellis, Eastham Natural Resources Officer/Animal Control Officer Stephanie Sykes, and Eastham Dog Owners’ Association President Tracey Plantier for this interesting and informative talk. Get helpful information on how to keep your pets safe, and how to be “coyote smart” while out walking or encountering a coyote around your home. They will dispel the myths, and give you the facts about these beautiful and beneficial animals living amongst us.

Admission Free. No RSVP needed. Seating is limited.

Questions? Contact Stephanie Ellis: [email protected]


Saturday, March 9th

1:00 PM

Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, Brewster

Osprey – Egg Incubation, Chick Rearing and Wild Fostering

In 2023, Wild Care’s Executive Director was tasked with incubating two sets of Osprey eggs, raising the chicks and finding them suitable wild foster nests. Stephanie will discuss this intensive process along with its successes and challenges. She will also touch upon the history of Osprey on Cape Cod – a true conservation success story, and the legalities involved in working with Osprey nests, eggs and chicks. Two of the hatched Osprey chicks were placed right into the Osprey nest at CCMNH!

Free with museum admission.  No RSVP needed. Seating is limited.

Questions? Contact Teresa Izzo: 508-896-3867 ext. 137


Sunday, March 10th

3:00 PM

Wellfleet Public Library

Why Wildlife and Wildlife Rehab Matters

Wildlife rehabilitators are unsung heroes. At Wild Care, we are not only saving the lives of individual animals, we play a critical role in raising awareness about the impacts they face. Rehabilitators are on the front lines of providing insight into the health of wildlife populations and the environment. We are often the first voice that the public turns to with an animal in distress. Wildlife rehabilitators make a difference in the life of an animal, whether it’s as common as a White-footed Mouse, or a Threatened Species like the Piping Plover. Stephanie will discuss the role of Wild Care in recognizing emerging wildlife diseases, and reducing human impacts. Wildlife matters, and so does wildlife rehabilitation! 

Admission Free. No RSVP needed. Seating is limited.

Questions? 508-349-0310


Wednesday, April 24th

1:30 PM

Brewster Senior Center

Galápagos – The Untouched Lands

Wild Care’s Executive Director Stephanie Ellis visited the Galápagos Islands on a National Geographic Lindblad voyage in 2019. The trip changed her life so much that she took a group back to Galapagos in 2021 as a fundraiser for Wild Care. Join Stephanie through a vivid photographic presentation detailing what it is like to spend 7-days on the Endeavour II ship with Nat Geo exploring the Galapagos Islands. Learn why the unique flora, fauna and fragile ecosystems of the Galápagos are a must see for all wildlife enthusiasts, and why they deserve our protection for generations to come.

Admission Free. No RSVP needed. Seating is limited.

Questions? Contact Annie Rapaport: 508-896-2737

Email: [email protected]


Saturday, April 13th

2:00 – 3:00 PM

Norwell Public Library

Attracting Native Birds to Your Backyard

From habitat and native plants, to nest boxes, to birdseed, Wild Care’s Executive Director Stephanie Ellis will provide information on attracting a variety of our most beloved backyard bird species throughout the year. She’ll also cover “what to do” if you find a baby bird, or if a bird strikes your window, and provide tips on how we can all better co-exist with our feathered friends!

Admission Free. Registration optional opens March 13th. Seating is limited.


Questions? Contact Zoe Rath: [email protected]


Tuesday, April 23rd

5:30 – 7:00 PM

Eastham Council on Aging – Eastham Senior Center

It’s A Spring Thing! Wildlife Happenings on Cape Cod

It’s Springtime. Love is in the air! Join Stephanie Ellis, Wild Care’s Executive Director, to learn about spring wildlife activities taking place right in your own backyard on Cape Cod. These include salamander emergence, bird migration, owl nesting, and many resident species that breed early in the season. Stephanie will also discuss what to do if you find an orphaned baby songbird, rabbit, squirrel and more. Don’t miss this informative and fun talk.

Suggested donation of $10.

Questions? Contact Cindy Dunham, [email protected]

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We are located at the
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Eastern Box Turtles – Why Wildlife Matters

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Wildlife Winter/Spring Talk Series 
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Wild Care has a state-of-the-art seabird therapy pool, which allows seabirds and waterfowl to exercise on running water. This will help our bird friends recover more quickly so they can get back to their watery habitats!