Consider a donation toward the care of a beloved songbird!

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Wild Care receives hundreds of songbirds into care every year.

The majority of these birds are brought to us as orphans. These are birds that have been displaced from their parents due to tree removal, pets, storms, kidnapping and more. We also receive many adult songbirds, hit by car, window strikes, attacked by free-roaming cats. The perils are endless for these small yet marvelous creatures, some who are residents, others who migrate from other continents to breed here in the summer, or passing through on their way to more northerly locations.

In 2017, Wild Care received 322 orphaned songbirds from around the Cape and other parts of Massachusetts. Orphaned songbirds are a lot of work! They require specialized diets and hand-feeding every 20 minutes from dawn through dusk. Our staff, along with dozens of trained volunteers are able to keep these birds fed and happy, and prepare them for release back into the wild.

Please help us to get songbirds back on the wing and back into the wild. Please make a donation today.

Orphaned House Finches begging for food in our Wildlife Nursery.
Fledgling Northern Flickers are hand-fed in one of Wild Care’s songbird flight aviaries.
A fledgling Gray Catbird, patiently awaits feeding time in our Wildlife Nursery. Photos by Andrea Spence

If you find an animal in
distress, please call us at:


Our helpline and our facility
are open EVERY DAY from
9:00 am – 5:00 pm.
We are located at the
Orleans rotary (on the Eastham side).

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Wild Care has a state-of-the-art seabird therapy pool, which allows seabirds and waterfowl to exercise on running water. This will help our bird friends recover more quickly so they can get back to their watery habitats!