Snowy Owl – Rescue, Rehab, Release!

This magnificent Snowy Owl was rescued in January 2022 in Provincetown, MA by George DeLeon and Roxanne Layton. The bird was being attacked by crows, and flew to some rocks in the water. Roxanne watched as the tide came in. When the water reached the bird, it didn’t fly away immediately. It then flew and dropped into the ocean. George heroically retrieved it out of the icy water, and they brought it to Wild Care. The bird had puncture wounds to one wing.

March 26th, 2022 was the day we had all been hoping for! Beautiful “Athena” the Snowy Owl spread her wings and was flying free once more. The sun was shining on Herring Beach in Provincetown as Norman Smith, founder of  Mass Audubon’s Snowy Owl Project released the bird alongside Wild Care’s Executive Director Stephanie Ellis. George DeLeon and Roxanne Layton who rescued the owl from the frigid water in Provincetown were there to see her off. Her daily care at Wild Care since late January helped her wing heal, and her time in the Wild Care aviary helped her gain the strength to fly again. We are so proud of the hard work of our caring team – Jennifer Taylor, Leah Myrbeck, Karen Eldridge, Gionet Hasson, and Dr. Louise Morgan. Before the owl’s release Norman Smith measured, weighed, and banded the owl so in the event that she is ever recaptured she can provide important information about her health and travels.

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See more photos of the Snowy Owl’s journey of rescue, rehabilitation at Wild Care, banding and release.

We have put together a gallery of stunning photos following the journey of Athena the Snowy Owl from rescue to release.

Migration Productions documentary film gives a look into the Snowy Owl rescue, rehabilitation at Wild Care, banding and release

Videographer Shawn Carey of Migration Productions and the wildlife series Exploring the Natural World has put together a documentary film called Release of the Snowy Owl Back Into the Wild. This film is an interesting look into the rescue of a Snowy Owl in Provincetown, her rehabilitation at Wild Care, the work of The Snowy Owl Project, and experiencing the joy of a successful release back to the wild.

VIEW Migration Production’s Release of the Snowy Owl Back into the Wild


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MEET Norman Smith the man who saves Snowy Owls in Logan Airport

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