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This month? A story about how even trained Wild Care volunteers sometimes have difficulty on gannet calls (I think rehabbers always do great!).

Turkey Vulture #1149- Gross but Awesome!

Turkey Vultures are commonly seen on Cape Cod from spring through fall.

Rehab Complete, Two Bald Eagles Soar Back Into Wild

About 25 people gathered to watch the release of two young bald eagles Friday, August 30th at Mass Audubon Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary.
Sharing details of the eagles’ spring arrival on the Cape…

Not Much is Sillier Than Feeding Young Chimney Swifts!

Adventures of a Volunteer – by Amy Sanders   Chimney swifts are an amazingly complex, yet endangered species of migratory birds (federally protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1916).  In fact, I was stunned to learn that while they nest here (eastern North America) in the winter, then these tiny birds migrate all … Continue reading Not Much is Sillier Than Feeding Young Chimney Swifts!

Wild Care in July

Wild Care Intern Kat has created another AWESOME video detailing her time at Wild Care. From “Reptiles With At and Kat” ENJOY “Wild Care in July”.

Photo Gallery: Two Bald Eagles Released in Cummaquid

Photo Gallery, Pair of young eagles released at the Audubon Long Pasture Sanctuary after being rehabilitated at Wildcare in Eastham.

Osprey Chick is returned to its Nest at Monomoy Middle School

We are truly grateful to Chatham Fire Department and Eversource MA for assisting us with getting an Osprey chick back into its nest at Monomoy Middle School. The chick had been displaced from its nest by the tornadoes. Watch the video.

Two Bald Eagles Recover at Wild Care

Two Bald Eagles Recover at Wild Care. Video by Cape Cod Times.

Tornado Osprey – Reunited at Bud’s Go-Karts, Harwich

On Tuesday, July 23rd, Wild Care Staff rescued 2 Osprey chicks from Bud’s Go-Karts in Harwich. They were blown from their nest during the tornadoes…

Tornado Osprey – Reunited at Monomoy Middle School, Chatham

On July 24th, Wild Care retrieved an Osprey chick that was blown from its nest at the Monomoy Middle School in Chatham during the storm…

Tornado Osprey – Reunited in Dennis Rt. 28

On July 23rd, Wild Care Volunteer Carl Jacobs rescued two Osprey chicks whose nest had fallen in W. Dennis, outside of Three Fins Coffee Roasters…

Tornado Osprey – Reunited at Harding’s Beach Chatham

On Friday, July 26th, Wild Care Volunteers repaired the fallen Osprey nest platform at Harding’s Beach, Chatham. The chicks…

Baby Red-Tail Recovery

In late July, we received a call about a fledgling Red-Tailed Hawk located in South Yarmouth. It was observed alone, and apparently was not being cared for by its parents. Our staff member, Jayne Fowler, was available to check out the situation. She found the bird to be weak and compromised, so she brought it in. It was very young, still with pin feathers growing in like porcupine quills.

Summer Intern Chronicles: Katherine Munsell from Michigan State University

Student from Texas interning with Wild Care Cape Cod

Osprey Chicks Safely Returned to Nests Thursday Following Tornadoes on Cape Cod

Nine Osprey chicks rescued from their nests during the tornadoes this week on Cape Cod were safely returned to their homes Thursday by a local wildlife organization.
The baby birds were rescued from five separate nests and placed into a shelter operated by Wild Care Cape Cod. The shelter still has three more chicks to release, executive director Stephanie Ellis said.

Cape Cod Wildlife Centers Tend to Injured Animals After Storm

Tuesday’s storms ripped through Cape Cod at speeds reaching 110 mph, flinging nests, blowing birds off their perches, and trapping young songbirds and baby squirrels in fallen tree branches.

Massachusetts Wildlife Center Rescues 2 Bald Eagles Showing Signs of Starvation, Other Health Issues

Officials at a wildlife rehabilitation center in Eastham, Mass., have taken two sickly, juvenile bald eagles under their wing.
The rehabilitation center — Wild Care — was first contacted last week about an eagle “behaving abnormally” in Harwich, a town in Massachusetts. The Barnstable Patriot, citing Jayne Fowler, a Wildlife Rehabilitation assistant at Wild Care, reports the bird would fly to the ground and “chew on beach towels.”

WHOOs Connecting Art and Wildlife

The creative community joined nature enthusiasts, at a benefit for Wild Care at Addison Art Gallery on June 22nd, and at Wild Care’s “Wild Baby Shower” on June 29th at our facility in Eastham. Events featured “stern owls, and furry babies.” Check it out!
Thank you Lower Cape TV, Johnny Bergmann, and Staff, for this great video!

Wild Care Reunites Sesuit Harbor Osprey Chicks – with Community Support

On Saturday morning, June 29th, Wild Care’s Helpline was flooded with phone calls about an Osprey nest platform that collapsed at Sesuit Harbor East, in Dennis, MA. It was reported that the two chicks were on the ground, and the adult Osprey were frantically circling.

Clusterduck Tales

By Jennifer Taylor, Animal Care Coordinator A group of five tiny American Goldfinch babies were brought to Wild Care the first week of August.  Their nest was found on the ground in Orleans,  where tree trimming had just taken place.  The homeowner called asking for advice, Kate requested they bring the nest in to see … Continue reading Clusterduck Tales

Adventuring out with Nickerson During Molting??

Adventures of a Volunteer! by Amy Sanders August is molting time for eastern screech owls, and poor Nickerson is not immune.  Molting brings about not only the loss of many feathers at once, but also a cranky disposition, which is understandable (I mean, who wants to be seen like this??).  Truthfully, I’m imagining an owl … Continue reading Adventuring out with Nickerson During Molting??

Summer Intern Chronicles: Naomi Tripp from Gordon College

Interning at Wild Care Cape Cod…

How NOT to Handle a Gannet!

I’m a relatively new volunteer at Wild Care, having been there about 2 years. I do a bit of everything, including field rescues for the Outer Cape. During a leisurely lunch with Stephanie Ellis and SaraJane Doberstein, my less gracious rescue experiences came up in conversation. I decided to entertain them with a what-to-definitely-NOT-do-during-a-rescue story, one from very long ago when I was seriously lacking in wildlife smarts. There seemed to be consensus that this might be a fun read for Duck Tales, so here you go: 😉

Thanks to Many Caring People, an Owl is Back in the Wild

Thanks to many caring people, an owl has returned to the wild in Eastham. A tree company employee called to tell us they felled a tree and found a baby owl. They were about to put the branch (with the owl in it), into the wood chipper and fortunately, they noticed it…

Wild Care Treats Young Great Horned Owl for Rat Poison

Wild Care responded to a call about a young owl on the ground at The Captains Golf Course in Brewster. “This is the time of year when young owls are leaving their nests for the first time,” states Wild Care Executive Director, Stephanie Ellis.

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Wild Care has a state-of-the-art seabird therapy pool, which allows seabirds and waterfowl to exercise on running water. This will help our bird friends recover more quickly so they can get back to their watery habitats!