It’s a bird. It’s a plane. IT’S A PINE WARBLER!

Every Spring, Wild Care dusts off the incubators and prepares for its baby season. The squirrels start arriving, usually in March, although they have been received as early as February. We take care of infant opossums, bunnies, squirrels and occasionally weasels. All of the above are easily identified.

The Brighter Side of a Hawk Rescue

Things aren’t always as bad as they seem. This summer after a call about a downed hawk at a campground in Eastham I was reminded of this…
The report was that a Red-tailed Hawk was on the ground and could not fly. It would run away when people approached, and there was a hawk seen circling above it.

Against the Odds, Barn Swallow Goes Home

I think of growing up and enjoying the sight of a beautiful old farmhouse with a gorgeous gigantic tree, reminding me of “The Waltons” (an old family TV show), bringing me comfort and warm feelings. The house was located in a National Parkland on Cape Cod, I remember it well, and never expected to have any connection to it.

Three Osprey chicks were re-nested in Osterville

Three Osprey chicks were re-nested in Osterville, Monday afternoon July 30th, to a new nest atop an Eversource utility pole at the end of Cockachoisett Lane. Their nest at the intersection of West Bay Road and Bridge Street was damaged by a pole fire Wednesday morning, July 25th.

Conserving the Massachusetts Coastal Pine Barrens

Wild care has a segment in this documentary, thank you for tuning in!

Osprey Chicks Saved after Osterville Pole Fire

A nest on top of a utility pole caught fire Wednesday morning at the corner of Bridge Street and West Bay Road, displacing three osprey chicks, according to Centerville-Osterville Marstons Mills fire Capt. Richard Sargent.

Baby ROBIN Finds a Home at Drumlin Farm!

AMRO #429, a small fledgling American Robin, came to us in May with many challenges – resulting from a probable animal attack…

Wild Care Featured on CapeMedia’s – “Profile”

Wild Care was featured on the show called “Profile”, (Local Channel 99) filmed at Cape Cod Community Media Center. Stephanie Ellis, Executive Director of Wild Care, joins intern Miranda to talk about wildlife protection and rehabilitation. Special guest appearances by Nickerson the Eastern Screech Owl and #45 the Eastern Box Turtle!

Fledgling Osprey Chick – Reunited with Parents and Siblings

A fledgling osprey chick was disentangled from fishing line and successfully reunited with parents and siblings.  Thank you Dennis Animal Control Officer Harrington and Dennis Fire Department…

Wild Care Wins First Place for Civic Float in Chatham 4th of July Parade

Wild Care participated in Chatham’s Independence Day Parade 2018. The theme was, “Hooked on Chatham”. Wild Care won first prize for “Civic Float”. What an honor. Thank you Chatham!

Backyard Birds at Sturgis Library & Birding Tour

Date: Thursday & Friday, August 16 & 17, 2018
Time: 3:30 PM & 8 AM
Location: Sturgis Library, 3090 Main Street, Barnstable (Village)

Storm Upheaves Wounded Turtle

This March, landscapers discovered an Eastern Box Turtle at the base of a tree recently uprooted from a storm. The weather was still as cold as winter, so the landscapers called us for advice. We told them to bring it in so we could check it out…

Happy Father’s Day – Bluebird!

People love their bluebird boxes! Recently we had a situation in the yard in Eastham involving what had been a successful nest box of Eastern Bluebirds. The people had been watching the happy bluebird family for a couple of weeks, and one day noticed that the mother was missing…

Majestic Snowy Owl Succumbs to Rodent Poison

Wild Care, Inc., a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center in Eastham, responded to a call about a sick Snowy Owl on a jetty at Wellfleet Harbor…

The Dodo Features Wild Care

The Dodo published the story of Wild Care reuniting baby Great Horned Owl with his family on May 18, 2018.   Thank you to The Dodo, click here to read story!    

Wild Care Featured on Chronicle

Wild Care was featured on a half-hour segment of Chronicle on May 16, 2018!  Thank you Chronicle on WCVB Channel 5.  Cape Cod Wild: “Wild Care & Turkey Troubles”. Watch the video…

10 Day Old Owlet Placed Back Into Nest After 40ft Fall

On Thursday, May 10th, Wild Care, Inc. responded to a call about a baby owl down on the ground in Harwich. The bird was found by, Shane Gleason of Brewster Burner who was working at the home where the bird was found…

Sauntering Swan Recovers from Lead Poisoning

The Orleans Police notified Wild Care of a Mute Swan strolling down Main Street,
in front of Snows Department Store one day in April. They had an officer following the bird. I told them I would have volunteers come out ASAP. Volunteers Peter Kosewski and Diane Midura rallied and got all the necessary equipment…

Tiny, Adorable, and Threatened

What is blue-grey, yellow, white and orange—-bigger than a hummingbird and
smaller than a chickadee? You are right! A male Northern Parula Warbler! A bird
listed as Threatened in the state of Massachusetts…

Why Wildlife Matters

Date: May 23, 2018
Time: 7 PM (Don’t miss Napi’s 5PM Early Bird Dinner)
Location: Upstairs at Napi’s 7 Freeman Street, Provincetown, MA
Cost: Donations Gratefully Accepted

Two to Tango or This Isn’t Your Territory?

Provincetown Animal Control Officer, Ruth Anne Cowing brought us an injured Red-tailed Hawk in February that was found on a road in Truro. She had head trauma probably from either being hit by a car or from impacting the asphalt when hunting on the road…

Cocktails for Ducktales

Cocktails for Ducktales By Jennifer Taylor, Animal Care Coordinator When you go walking in the forest in Truro, you hope to see some wildlife, and do not expect to discover a wandering, 6lb rooster. But you might, and somebody did! After a good chase, the rooster was nabbed by a concerned citizen who called Wild … Continue reading Cocktails for Ducktales

Release the Dragon!

Checking the phone messages at Wild Care is a pretty routine job. You get the phone log out, a pen that works, press *99, close your eyes and listen hard, expecting calls from excited people at windy beaches…

Driver Survives Trip to Wild Care

A person called us from Truro the other day reporting a seabird looking distressed on a road. After listening to his description it sounded like it was a loon – gray on top, white beneath, feet sticking out behind it, and a pointed beak…

Two Geese Are Better Than One

Two days after Christmas we received a Canada Goose who came in uncoordinated, unkempt and unable to bear weight on its right leg. A concerned woman had been watching, worrying, and feeding this bird for three weeks prior.

If you find an animal in
distress, please call us at:


Our helpline and our facility
are open EVERY DAY from
9:00 am – 5:00 pm.
We are located at the
Orleans rotary (on the Eastham side).

Make a Difference


Loon From Hell

Releasing an animal from Wild Care seems like a simple thing; an animal comes in sick or hurt, we fix it and then we let it go.  Simple?  Not really.   Knowing when to release an animal is not always clear. ..



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21 February, 2019


Wild Care has a state-of-the-art seabird therapy pool, which allows seabirds and waterfowl to exercise on running water. This will help our bird friends recover more quickly so they can get back to their watery habitats!